Happy Birthday Clifford!

October 2008 saw us celebrating Clifford's sixth birthday.  As you will see from the pictures the Pack had a fun day - and Clifford was very good natured about the numerous attempts to sabotage his cake!


                                                                                                                            Clifford viewing his Birthday Cake.  Behind him Destiny  weighs up how many peices she's likely to get, and Tickle in foreground says 'Where's the knife Mum? - we're patiently waiting!'                                                                     




Unfortunately, certain other Pack Members stole the limelight!   Mr D'Arcy thought  Clifford might not be able to blow out all those candles for himself, so he decided to do it for him!                     



Even more unfortunately, Flossie and Fenella decided not to wait for the cake to be cut.  Click on the 'Play' (first button) to see what those naughty girls got up to!




Joey wonders how much longer he has to wait to get a chunk of that cake!



                                                            COMING SOON: D'ARCY & DESTINY'S FIFTH BIRTHDAY!