Byedales Summer Time Soul                                     Byedales Spring Time Spirit                                                                                (16-6-2007)                                                                (16 -6-2007)

                                             Sire: Sh. Ch. Bournehouse Royal Colours  Dam: Byedales Moorbrook Lucy in the Sky at Byedales

                                                                             'FENELLA'                                                                    'FLOSSIE'


    AN C                        Our Surprise Babies! TING DAAAAYA HDHDHD

!                                            A DAY OF GREAT EXCITEMENT!                                               

     Flossie and Fenella the Third arrived on the last day of last August! 

Since their arrival I have had no time until now to update my site - or anything else for that matter!   Given the arrival of both Clifford and Joey only months earlier, I have had my hands more than full with a Five-Pack of adults and two lively babies! We had not planned to have these two lovely girls yet - though it was always on the agenda for later.  I mean, you can't stop at Flossie and Fenella the Second can you?  Doesn't 'fit' somehow. Besides, the original girls (all four of them) made such an impact on our lives that we always knew we would go for the hat-trick!  When the time was right.....!

     However Life is not like that is it?  All 'nicely ordered and things going to plan' just doesn't happen.  Lucy - our own D'Arcy and Destiny's litter sister - is the mother of these two (of a litter of seven) little crackers!  This makes them Ben's great granddaughters, so no question about it really.  As nobody knows what is 'on the next page' so to speak, we decided to grasp the opportunity (and the pups!) whilst available and make room in our crowded lives for them.  They are named for Ben, whose kennel name was Moorbrook Extra Time' of course; hence Summer Time Soul and Spring Time Spirit.  I think from his Special Place he knows and approves!

      Their sire is the 'Crufts Reserve Best in Show' champion 2005 - Sh. Ch. Bournehouse Royal Colours 'Roscoe', and given Grandsire Ben's in-put too, no wonder they are such beautiful babies!  The piccies above were taken when they were just three month's old - they've grown quite a bit since then!   I can hardly believe their first birthday is already looming!

Many thanks to Suzanne and Andy at Byedales Kennel for our two lovely girls.





     It's hard to believe but our 'puppies' have now had their first birthday.  Unfortunately they missed out on their cake and candles as Flossie came into her first season just before, but they shared a Pack Party with Miss Tickle who was eleven years young in July!  Flossie is feeling (and looking!) very grown up, and wants nothing more than to take her place in the Pack, and is so proud to be with them. She sometimes has a slightly wistful and poignant expression as though she is aware of the great responsibility of being Ben's great granddaughter!  She treats Joey with due respect and loves and admires her Aunty Destiny.  If she has any failing at all, it is a very noticeable fondness for the Boys! (especially Uncle D'Arcy!). She seeks them out and flirts like any teenager!  Needless to say they all love her to bits - so do we!

On Left: Flossie, lady on a mission!

Taken on the Fell in July. 

On right: one of my favourite piccies of Flossie because it makes me smile whenever I see it!  My caption for this one is:

'Flossie singin' along with Uncle D'Arcy - but Fenella forgets the words!'


                                                                                                                                                                                Fenella however is as madcap and mischievous as ever!  She is the smallest, but as I often tell her, 'the naughtiest girl in the pack!'   She is so pretty and appealing though that she is instantly forgiven! (especially by her Dad whom she adores, and he likewise!).  She squeals and dances up and down like someone on a pogo stick as soon as she hears his voice and then I just don't exist!   Flossie is more laid back and more of a thinker. Like when I am doing a spot of gardening or picking herbs, she will watch carefully then scrabble with her paws ("I can help you with the weeding mum!") or nip off flower heads (I'll pick these herbs for you!") and so on.  She is so mature for her age and fits in wonderfully well with the pack and more or less obeys the "house rules".  Letting Fenella loose in the kitchen however is tantamount to releasing a hurricane in the house!  She flies around everywhere, pinching this and chewing that and jumping on everyone in her path!  She and Clifford are a pair!  She is so like him with that high-powered, mischievous and OTT personality, but intensely loving too; and they both have Ben's special looks.  Those two help keep us young and the Pack constantly entertained.



This is my favourite photogragh of Fenella.  It was taken in June 2008 and shows her lovely head and lively, inquistive nature                                                                                                  

"I love you too, Dad!" Here she is taking a breather after 'helping' (!) to plaster the new bridge across the fell stream


     "Game On!"  Flossie with Aunty Destiny                            Flossie admires the view                       Flossie and Fenella (Joey and D'Arcy drinking)

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