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I'm sure you can see from these pictures why the fells figure so large in my Inspiration. Most people hate the winter, but I find it has its own beauty and 'pull'. To me, this is the time of year when you see the 'bones' of the land, can appreciate its underlying shape and structure - and how it was maybe formed. There is something compelling too about skeletal winter trees stark against a sky lit by a pale cold sun….where's my pencil and pad, I feel a writing session coming on…..!

These piccies were taken around my home; another place that fuels my imagination. It's not your usual neat and tidy garden (tho' sometimes I find myself coveting one - espec. At 'back end' when all the cutting back and tidying Has to be done!) But it is a wonderful wild place surrounded by massive pines beneath which flowering trees and shrubs grow. The winter does have its own charm, but the very best time (esp. in the garden) has to be Spring. I love to see everything coming to life again. It seems such a long time since the summer, then suddenly BANG! Everything explodes in a riot of scent and colour. What our garden lacks in formality is amply compensated for by the wildlife that live and visit there. Deer, badgers, rabbits, a wonderful array of birds that feed on the table and feeders just outside door and windows, and of course the pheasants who have learned to tap on the door with their beaks to be hand fed! Then of course there's the cheeky red squirrel who hangs upside down from the gutter by his feet to reach the nuts in the feeder just below! Only problem is: these friends of mine are such terrible 'time-waster temptations' I sit watching them from my window instead of getting on with the writing!

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