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Hi again, it’s me – Nina.

english settersThe beginning of 2007 really was an occasion for celebration!

On New Year’s Eve I collected ‘Clifford’ – Moorbrook Class Act to give him his full name. Clifford is another of Ben’s grandsons - and so like him! He has Ben’s dark colouring and lovely eyes. He also has his Granddad’s loving nature and many of his ways – but is far naughtier and always up to mischief! He soon settled in and the rest of the pack accepted him immediately. I was concerned that D’Arcy would be jealous at the arrival of another boy, especially one a year older, but not a bit of it. In fact he is really happy to have a mate to mooch around with. The girls of course love him as he is a pretty boy! ‘Nanny’ Tickle hooks a paw around him to anchor him down whilst she washes his face and ears!  Destiny of course flirts like mad and plays him off against D’Arcy. Neither boy is complaining! Most of all though Clifford shares Ben’s unique capacity to make me happy just by being around.

Grateful thanks to Lorna for letting this joyful four year old come to us!



The portrait on the left was taken just a week after Clifford joined us. As you can see, D’Arcy (on right) is pretty chuffed with his new mate!

And on the right, Clifford a few month's on -

obviously coming into his own and super-confident!


english setters

                                                             Ben's Boys                                                                                                                                      Clifford                                                                           



But there is something else in the air.  Watch this space....!


And now for some writing chat.......

I am close to finishing the latest Darcy novel entitled Shades of Red
This story is at the core of all the others. It is the one I kept putting aside because it was too emotionally charged for me to handle. Throughout the writing of it I was plagued by scary events, and in the end I abandoned it to the top shelf. However something inside has nagged me ever since and I finally took it down again and reworked it, and changed the title. I can report that it made little difference to the strangeness!

I also have another book on the boil! This time something entirely different, though perhaps not so unexpected by those who know me. Yes, I am working on a book about English Setters, told by Setters, and with more than a hint of magic in their stories. It's not aimed just at 'doggy folk' or any particular age-group.  It is for anyone with who enjoys a good story. Watch this space...!

english settersObviously my expanding setter family has held up progress somewhat, but I am well pleased with the result and hope to be bringing you publication news before too long. 

nina green

nina green



english settersBack to my Setter family - Against all expectations my family has grown yet again! I am proud and happy to announce that Ben’s son, Show Champion Moorbrook Just Joey has now joined us. Joey is an orange belton – and a big boy! He has his Dad’s ‘eyes to die for’ and a wonderful smooth surging movement that has brought him much success in the show ring. Joey had his eighth birthday in April of this year, and has now earned his retirement in a loving family home.

He came to us on Easter Sunday 2007, and Ben had also come to me at Easter.  Now here I was welcoming his son - and it felt right. Joey had really missed Clifford and was miserable without his buddy. We introduced him to the pack and Joey trotted around with a massive grin on his lovely face, catching up with old friends and exploring his new home. He is still grinning! He is a source of constant amusement with his unquenchable curiosity and fun-loving nature.

He loves his new home and we love having him!


Like er, howdy folks!

I'm Just Joey and a bit of a poser as you can see, but if a guy has it  - well, flaunt it is what I say!  I mean, I am gorgeous, aren't I?

I loved the show ring and made lots of hits but I'm happiest now in my new pad in the Lakes.  It's great to be back with my old pack, and have two new members as well! 

There's wonderful spaces to run, and I enjoy sunning myself on a grassy spot on the fell whilst keeping one eye on my rough-and- tumble pack!  The cuisine is okay too! 


english settersI am well pleased with my Five Pack and it is a credit to the breed that they all get on so well, and enjoy snuggling up together so that you can’t tell where one setter ends and another begins!

And I don’t believe I am saying this, but once again – watch this space folks…..!  (click on the latest link on my Home Page)

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