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My name is Fenella (I'm the posh one). I'm an English Setter, very aristocratic and aware of my elevated status in life. I am also the beautiful one and I am definitely A Daddy's Girl! (Nina, my mum, is okay when it comes to feeding, walking, grooming and all that) But I'm really a 'man's girl!' and love having my ears fondled and whispered into! I'm often in bother tho' with my mum when I go AWOL. She claims I have 'selective deafness' and can only run in a straight line! Completely untrue, of course. She's just jealous of the way my Dad dotes on me. She has the temerity to call me 'Trollop' just because of the way I slide down his chest and gaze up at him from under my long curling lashes. Gross injustice!

Well I'm Flossie - and I'm the brains of the outfit. I'm also up for a lark, like this jaunt on the pool with my mum. My sister Fenella, as you will observe, isn't quite so enthusiastic. What did you say - you can't see her in the piccie? That's because she's flat on her belly at the bottom of the boat! Scaredy-pants. You wouldn't think, would you that one day during one of our manic free-for-all games she bowled me over and I ended up with my front leg in plaster. Once mum got over the shock she couldn't stop laughing at me; I rotated my arm in the air like a propeller. Actually I couldn't persuade it to do anything else. Damned awkward. Anyway Fenella was real cut up and feeling guilty, so she dug up some well-rotted chewies she had stashed away to mature for herself, and gave them to me as compensation. Vintage stuff. Mum and Dad pulled disgusted faces and threw them back into the garden. Very strange; never did understand why. Anyway, my mum thinks I'm beautiful as well as intelligent.

I'm Tilly - and I keep the pair of 'em in order! I was a 'factory cat' at the family business. 'On the books' you understand, all proper and legit. - an s a member of the Rodent Control Team. Got paid in Whiskas and milk. Not a bad job actually, then I got sick and nearly died. I was in hospital for weeks then worked in the office during my convalescence. I can type, talk on the 'phone, and if it's an unwanted caller, cut them off no bother! Actually for over a year I kept sitting in the 'OUT' tray and had my piccie taken doing it, but Nina was slow on the up-take and didn't offer me a home. Then when I got sick she had no choice. And boy, did I land on my feet! I go hunting in the woods and on the fell and as a treat sometimes get to sleep on the end of the bed. Of course I don't stay down there; my mum wakes up to find me asleep on her belly.

Of course, she likes it really, and loves me to bits. I mean, who wouldn't?

And this is Marcus folks, or 'Markie' for short. Sadly he passed on January before last, but his piccie is on my computer 'desk top', so I say 'good morning' and 'Bye Markie' each time I turn my laptop on and off. I feel he is still very much with me - we were very close (I had him from being a few days old, he was a feral cat born in our garage at Blackpool before we moved), and will always be very special to me.

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