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(January 2004)

Hi! I'm D'Arcy.
Well, Moorbrook Mister Ben to give my full handle (after my grandsire 'cos my mum loves him and visits him at our kennels and is always talking about him). My pet name is Mister D'Arcy and I know just how to sit with my chest out, head back and nose in the air to look suitably aristocratic. Well, a fellow has to live up to his name, doesn't he? I get D'Arcy for short though. My dad calls me 'Mummy's Boy' but I can stand up for myself when my sister attacks me! (she fights dirty and bites my willie) But we're best of mates really and love our new home to bits (especially the toasty-warm Aga and the food my mum cooks in it!) My mum is ace and I suck her nose when she cuddles me just to let her know how great I think she is! Auntie Flossie is a good sport; she doesn't bite me or get sharp when I grab her ears as she passes. I'm not so sure about the Tilly-Tiger: she's fierce and spits in my face when I ask her to play, but I guess she'll fall for me sooner or later - everyone else does!


Hi, I'm Destiny.
Moorbrook Fenella's Destiny actually - and that makes me extra special. My brother thinks he's top dog because he's a boy, but I've got very big paw prints to fill - that of my aunt Fenella! I guess she must have been pretty wonderful 'cos they're always banging on about her. Bit of big script for a small pup to act out - but my mum says I can do it and she is always right (so my dad says!) She says I'm feisty enough and have the brass nerve for the job - so guess I'll give it my very best shot. Well I can twist my dad round my front paw already, and from what I've overheard that definitely puts me in the running as Aunty Fennie could do it for fun! (My mum used to call her 'Trollop'). I just lie on my back on his knee, drape myself across him and nuzzle his ears and he's putty in my paws. I'm pretty fierce when I'm scrapping with D'Arcy, and 'cos I'm a little bit smaller than him, I bark and growl VERY loud and make myself seem bigger! He's okay really as brother's go; in fact he's my best mate and we curl up together to go to sleep. He's a bit sloppy over our mum, and dad calls him a wimp, but anyone can see he loves us both to bits! (but I'm his favvie of course)



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